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Rumor: iPhone 5S and iPad 5 Special Releasing Event-‘Original Passion, New Ideas’

So many rumors about iPhone 5S/iPhone 6 or iPad 5, actually maybe most of us more care about if Apple give us more surprise as people’s passion is less than before.

According to Gizmorati, the event will carry the “Original Passion, New Ideas”  tagline, marking the transition from a Steve Jobs run Apple to one under the control of current CEO Tim Cook.

This year Apple will celebrate six years since the release of the first iPhone, on June 29, 2007. The Original iPhone was introduced to the public earlier that year by Steve Jobs, during a keynote at the Macworld 2007 convention, in San Francisco.

An inside source from Apple (also confirmed by a third party) told Gizmorati that its both devices, the iPhone 5S and the iPad 5 will be unveiled during a special event called ‘Original Passion, New Ideas’, on June 29, 2013. This event is intended to celebrate six years from the launch of the original iPhone, under the leadership of Steve Jobs and the release of the iPhone 5S and iPad 5, under the leadership of Apple’s current CEO, Tim Cook, as both of these devices are developed entirely under Cook’s authority (Businessweek reports that iPhone 5 was the last Apple device to get the Steve Jobs’ blessing before production).

A large part of Apple’s success is due to the vision and popularity of Steve Jobs and after the recent disappointments like Apple Maps, AAPL stock price going down, weak sales (as TheVerge and Mashable reported) and Tim Cook’s approval rating falling, the company is trying to reconquer the public and reassure the investors, showing that Jobs’ passion and vision regarding Apple are still contemporary within the company.

Do you think the ‘Original Passion, New Ideas’ special event will help Tim Cook and Apple, overall?