An article from Dailymail analyzes the public opinion result of 2013 Mother’s Day gift. 2013 Mother’s Day is coming, do you want to know what are best Mother’s Day gifts and worst Mother’s Day gifts?

• A lie-in would be best gift for mums on Sunday
• Quality time with family came second
• Diet pills and cleaning products are least favorite presents


Forget flowers, expensive jewellery, fancy dinners even iPads.
And don’t go anywhere near diet pills, cleaning products and plastic flowers.
What mothers really want this Mother’s Day is a bit of peace and quiet from the children with a nice long lie-in.
And only after they’ve had eight hours of uninterrupted sleep this Sunday, mums would love nothing more than to spend some quality time with the family, according to a new poll.
It asked 1,000 mums what they’d like on Sunday, other than a bunch of flowers or a pricey gift.
To feel well-rested came top of the poll, with a fifth of mothers saying they’d love a decent night’s sleep and a long lie in, with dad looking after the children.Learn more: Design a special Mother’s Day greeting card for dear Mom
Second was quality time with the family with 18 per cent of the vote, and though many mothers said they always make this a priority, some added it can be hard when juggling work and home commitments.
At the lower end of the results in joint sixth place was a piece of their own child’s artwork and the chance to drink a hot mug of tea or coffee before it went cold.
A clean house was chosen by five per cent, and a new techy gadget such as an an iPad coming in at ninth place with four per cent of the vote.
Finally, at the bottom of the poll, a stony-faced one per cent of mothers said they’d rather have the cash equivalent to a bunch of flowers.
One respondent said: ‘I love my toddler’s artwork – and a tantrum-free day would be bliss – but more than anything I’d adore a decent night’s sleep and a lazy Sunday morning curled up with my book or the papers.
‘Little things like this which you take for granted pre-kids become a luxury once you’re a parent.’
Another Mum with two teenage children said: ‘Quality time with my two where we can agree on where to go and have no falling-outs once we’re there would be heaven! Teenagers are very hard to please.’
A spokesperson from said: ‘We all love our Mums so making Mother’s Day perfect for her is the nicest thing you can do.
‘But remember, whatever she says, she would still love a gorgeous bunch of flowers and a big box of her favourite chocolates.’
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Meanwhile, diet pills, cleaning products and plastic flowers have been named the worst gifts mums could possibly receive this Mother’s Day’ in a survey conducted by
Kitchen aprons, oven gloves, unwanted exercise DVDs, cuddly toys, rubber gloves and ill-fitting clothing were also given the thumbs down – many considered worse than receiving nothing at all.
One mum who took part commented: ‘When my teenage son handed me a bottle of diet pills last Mother’s Day I hit the roof. I think it was his idea of a joke but needless to say I didn’t find it in the least funny.’
Another mother said: ‘Last year I received an exercise DVD from my children. I knew I had put on a tiny bit of weight but that was just cheeky. I took it straight back and brought myself some rather delicious chocolates with the money.’
Pollsters were told by another respondent: ‘I hate plastic flowers with a passion and so to receive a collection of plastic flowers from my husband was a nightmare. I may have left them out for a few days but after that they went straight in the bin.’

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