Step by step to reduce video size on Windows/Mac

I often meet question about how to reduce video size. Question: I make a video with powerdirector and when I saved it, I saved it as AVI file, but the video is 4 minutes and it’s 900mb. I mean that is ridiculous, can you please tell me some way to convert the size?

I met the same situation before. I made a video about presentation of SnowFox total media converter. The video is 1 minute but the video size is 230mb. A file size that is very large will virtually prevent the video from being usable. It will be too large to email; it is not convenient to upload to video website; and it will slow download times if hosted on a website. So if you want to share your video online, it is a crucial step to reduce a video’s file size.

This article will show how to reduce video size step by step. I use SnowFox total media converter as tool to reduce my video size. Total media converter has Win and Mac version, here I will take the Win version as example.

Step 1 Add video to the total media converter

Click the “Add Video(s)” button on the upper left corner to add video to total media converter. Here , I import my video which size is 230mb to total media converter.

Step 2 Set up output settings

The size of AVI video usually is much large. Click the drop-down list of “Profile”, select “MP4 – H.264 AVC Video”. Because of high compression rate, MP4 format video size is smaller than AVI format video.








Tips: To reduce video size, if you set up the smaller resolution, the video size will smaller. You can click the “Setting” button to set up the resolution.

Step 3 Convert the video
Click the “START” button to begin to convert the video. After conversion, the video size is only 6.24mb. We can see the video size has reduced largely. And the quality of the video can be kept as good as original video.

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