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Design sweet Mother’s Day greeting card with greeting card template

Mother’s Day is coming! Mother is the greatest people in the world, she gives us everything. We group up day by day and she sacrifices all the time for us. Gifts have always been a precious expression of love. As children, we want to give the best gift to Mom on Mother’s Day. Compared with expensive gift, most mothers prefer to have a good time with family. And mother will have good mood when we bring followers with greeting card special for Mother on Mother’s Day. Here is easy way to design sweet greeting card for Mother’s Day with Greeting Card Maker.

The Greeting Card Maker is easy-to-use and interesting photo software. You can easily create extraordinary greeting card for different festival and themes.

Free download the greeting card maker software and install on your computer. The greeting card maker has Windows version and Mac version.


Open the greeting card maker; you will see the template window. Greeting card maker offer various beautiful templates for festival and themes. With the template, you will make a greeting card in a minute. Click the Mother’s Day panel and choose a favorite Mother’s Day greeting card template. Then click “ok” button, you will enter the design interface.

Add your own photo to design Mother’s Day greeting card

Select the “Photo” tab, add photo from your photo folder, you also can drag and drop photo from computer file. It is recommended picking a family photo or photo of your Mom to create Mother’s Day greeting card.

In the “Frame” tab, there are lots of beautiful frames. You can drag and drop different frame to right side and see the effect in real time.

In the “Cliparts” tab, all kinds of festive decorations are available. Add Mother’s Day decorations to make your greeting card full of cheerful atmosphere.

In the “Mask” tab, it offers various cut and dreamful masks. So your greeting card can be chanceful.

Greeting card maker supports to add text to your card. Select the “Text” panel; you can express your love to dear Mom. Text font, color and shadow options make effect of your words best.

When you are satisfied with the greeting card of Mother’s Day, next step is to export or directly print out the Mother’s Day greeting card. With Greeting Card Maker, Designing greeting card is funny and meaningful. Your mother must feel your love to her!

Sweet Surprise, 2013 Valentine’s Day Simple and Romantic Ideas

February 14th is coming, meaning Valentine’s Day is countdown now! As usually, chocolate, follower, candlelight dinner, all these are traditional romantic ideas. If you want to give her/him a surprise, only chocolate is enough? Any fashion ideas for Valentine’s Day?

Here we go, introduce three simple ways to make your Valentine’s Day more romantic.

Valentine’s Day greeting card

Give her/him a romantic Valentine’s Day; Valentine’s greeting card is indispensable. Design a Valentine’s greeting card by yourself is so sweet. Buy Valentine’s Day greeting card from store is lack of originality; Homemade Valentine’s Day greeting card is different for most people. So is there any easy and simple way to make a beautiful Valentine’s Day greeting card? Greeting card maker software is the utility for you to create your own Valentine’s Day greeting card.

No more words look at the Valentine’s Day greeting card I made with Greeting Card Maker.

SnowFox Greeting Card Maker is easy-to-use; anyone can design amazing Valentine’s Day greeting card with a few minutes. How to create Valentine’s Day greeting card?

Make a photo collage for Valentine’s Day

You must have many photos of you two in your computer; these photos witness your happy days with each other. On Valentine’s Day, Make a photo collage with all the memorable photos and share with your boyfriend or girlfriend is also very romantic. Photo collage maker is interesting software which make photos with Classic, Grid, Heart, Circular and Free styles.

Custom made heart puzzle

 Heart shaped Jigsaw Puzzle is also a romantic gift idea for your partner or girlfriend. It is fun to complete the custom made heart puzzle together. Then say to her with “You are my missing piece”, so romantic!

How to design a sweet Valentine’s Day gift card easily?

Let me guess, what Valentine’s Day gift are ready for your lover? Chocolate, follower, romantic dinner, jewelry… No matter what gifts you have chosen, gift card is necessary that show your thoughtful romance. Especially for guys, on Valentine’s Day morning, first of all, send her a sweet Valentine’s Day greeting Card, she must be good mood at the beginning of the day.

With SnowFox Greeting Card Maker, easily to create a sweet Valentine’s Day greeting card and gift card for your honey.

Firstly, download Windows version or Mac version of SnowFox Greeting Card Maker and install in your computer.

Look at the Valentine’s Day greeting card I made with SnowFox Greeting Card Maker, how to design?

The fastest way to make a beautiful Valentine’s Day gift card

Step1. Open SnowFox Greeting Card Maker and it offers all kinds of festival theme templates. Just choose a Valentine’s Day template you like. Here I have been select my favorite template and click the “ok” button.

Step2. Drag your meaningful photo to frame, you can zoom and rotate photo to adjust best.

That is it, Valentine’s Day gift card had been finished; only a few clicks!

Enjoy more powerful functions with SnowFox Greeting Card Maker

SnowFox Greeting Card Maker is very easy to use, it also offers powerful functions to decorate Valentine’s Day gift card with beautiful frames, plentiful cliparts and fantastic masks. What’s more, you can add, delete, zoom, rotate, move all the elements randomly; you must design satisfied Valentine’s greeting card with it.

Besides Frame, Cliparts and Masks elements, there is also text function. Write down your lovers’ prattle for your honey.

After Valentine’s Day greeting card is ok, export and save the Valentine’s Day greeting card, print out as paper to send or email to your lover!